Looking at nurseries

We finally took the decorations down. We got rid of all the damaged ones, including our very old tree (we’ll buy a new one) and my brother put everything back in the loft. I got rid of all the crap in the baby’s room and shoved some bits in the loft that had been stored in her room temporarily.

Mom and I popped to town as I had ordered a nursing bra to be delivered to mothercare. They gave me the package and I walked out the shop. I went into another shop and the security alarm beeped. I didn’t think too much of it until we left that shop and it did it again. I walked back to the car whilst mom went into a store for toilet rolls. I decided to check my item, make sure it really was what I ordered. Pulled it out the sealed bag and the damn thing had a security tag on it. I was so annoyed. So I had to walk back to mothercare and explain so they could remove it. Turns out that the tag on it isn’t one of theirs as it came from their main depot somewhere so they didn’t have the right tool to get it off. One of the staff took it all around the shops nearby to see if they could get it off and eventually after waiting for half hour they got it off. I was so annoyed. The extra walking was painful and the wait did my head in. We also went to the library to pick up some new books and return the old rentals.

I had lunch with the girls I work with. Well I went into the office and sat in the food area with them whilst they ate. I hadn’t long eaten so I didn’t eat. We just gossiped and then at 2 my mom picked me up so we could go visit a nursery.

The nursery was great. The people were great. The way they teach and look after the children is fab. They handed me an envelope with prices on etc. Mom and I stupidly read it wrong and thought the price for a 5 day full day week was £1131. Seemed extortionate to charge £4K for a month. Turned out that price was for a month. It is still too much. I don’t bring home that much a month. If you only put your baby in daycare for 5 mornings it’s £691. More manageable but still expensive!!!

I’m thinking of going swimming tomorrow. It may help soothe my sore bits lol

I have my 36 week midwife check on Thursday. Hopefully she’ll tell me baby has moved down further (would explain the pains) lol we shall see.



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