2016 is here

Well 2016 is here. We spent New Year’s Eve at my grandparents house. She always lays on a spread and alcohol. Obviously I didn’t have a drink. I had planned to. I was going to have a fizzy wine but I’m on antibiotics for an infection so I can’t risk it. The antibiotics are for an infection but I’ve no idea what it is. The doctor phoned me Tuesday night and said my urine sample came back positive for an infection and I needed antibiotics. They left a prescription for me at the surgery. I wasn’t very impressed with the call I received. The doctor didn’t introduce himself, he just said he was calling from the name of my surgery. He didn’t tell me what the infection could be, he just said I needed antibiotics and I don’t like taking any medication unless I’m 100% what it is for. So when I picked it up on Wednesday I asked the receptionist what was written on my notes about it.

So I’ve been taking the antibiotics and next week I have to go back to see the doctor for a follow up. I guess they’ll redo the urine sample.

Anyway, I didn’t do that much in the lead up to New Year’s Eve. I popped into town and hit the mothercare sale. I also had my haircut :) it needed doing.

We got home New Year’s Eve (although technically it was New Year’s Day) at half 12. It was cold out at that time of night.

I didn’t manage to finish my Book Challenge for 2015. I set the challenge target to 40 and only managed 28.

I’m setting my 2016 goal to 30. I may actually make it this time, even with a newborn baby to look after.

I can’t believe I only have as much as 30 days to go and as less as 26. Either way it’s just a month to go. I’m in my 36th week. I’ve got constant pelvis pains nowadays. I pee, a lot. One of my boobs has started to hurt whereas it hadn’t hurt since my first trimester. I really am in the home stretch now!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2016 brings you everything you hope, and more.



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