The day after Boxing Day

Boxing Day I popped into town with my Nan so I could pick up my new necklace. It is a little silver pendant with pink footprints on it. Of course for my baby girl.

We waited for mom to finish work then we picked her up from home so we could visit the cemeteries (my uncle, then my nan’s sister) then we proceeded up to my nan’s brothers house for Boxing Day. He always lays on a great spread of food and fun company. I think I ate too much or had too much fizzy because I had bellyache for the few hours we were there. I felt fine when I got home and had a glass of milk.

Today mom wasn’t working the day so she got me up at 10ish. We went into town then we grabbed some lunch. We went to my nan’s to let the dog out as my Nan was out all day again, this time to my uncle’s house. We left my nan’s and drove over to my aunts house as we hadn’t seen her or the kids over Christmas. We spent a few hours there. Frank was shooting the Christmas cards off the windowsill with his nerf gun. His aim was a bit off but he thought it was funny regardless.

We went back to my grandparents to let the dog out and feed her. She had decided to puke everywhere so we decided not to feed her in case she had an upset stomach. She went home and sorted some dinner then we watched the film Jupter Ascending. It was really good even if mom found it harder to keep up with plot lol

I’m not doing much tomorrow. I don’t have much planned for the rest of the week. I don’t want to go into town because I’ll just spend more money lol

35 weeks today. I have literally 35 days to go till my due date. That’s half scary, half exciting lol tbh I’m not actually scared. At all. I don’t fear labour but obviously I’m not naive enough that I think it won’t hurt. I am well aware it’ll hurt like a mofo! It’s just that my excitement far outweighs my fears as I’m so ready to meet her. I want to see what she looks like, whether she has lots or little hair. I hope she has my dark hair. I would think that she would because her father had dark hair and so do I. My pelvic pains are a constant fixture now. They dull slightly some days but there is always some kind of ache or pain down “there” now.



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