Christmas Eve 2015

This week I didn’t get up to that much.

Tuesday I had to do the food shopping with my mom. We did that after she finished work at 1. I was due to go into work for Secret Santa. I actually missed the time it was done and I arrived just after 3 to collect my present and handover the one I had bought. It was strange being in the office again but it was nice to see people before he festive season had really hit.

Wednesday (yesterday) I had a fetal growth scan followed by an antenatal appointment. Scan went well and baby’s head is quite far down in my pelvis although not yet engaged. I figured as much as I haven’t waddled too much, just a little when the pains have caused discomfort.

After my scan I went to town with my brother’s girlfriend so she could do her Christmas shopping and I could pick up some last minute bits myself.

Today I got up quite early, which wasn’t great because I had only had 4 hours sleep. My Nan drove us to town and we picked up, finally, my moms main present then she dropped me at the train station as I went to visit my dad and siblings today. It was great to see them. My dad hasn’t long been back from Australia with work lol my stepmom gave me my belated baby shower presents. I got a baby sleep bag, an elephant blanket, some baby wash cloths and a memory box for baby.

We had a nice day and I helped my stepmom finish her wrapping lol I got the train home at 5ish and I’m currently at my nan’s for a cuppa tea as its Christmas Eve.

It’s so strange and surreal to think that this time next year I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my 11 month old daughter. I can’t wait.

5 weeks to go!!!



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