Hospital, again

Had to go up the hospital today. I hadn’t felt baby girl move much since the day before so I phoned up the Maternity Assessment Unit after Sunday dinner (which I barely ate because I felt weird and had pelvic pain). They advised me to come to the hospital to be monitored. We got up the hospital at 3ish. Ironically as soon as they got me on the bed and put the monitor on she kept wiggling. They couldn’t get her to stay still long enough to get continuous monitoring of her heartbeat. She’d stay still for a few minutes then she’s move, the monitor wasn’t be able pick up her heartbeat so it would then beep lol after 2 hours I managed to get into a comfy position and she finally settled down enough for continuous monitoring. Everything was fine but the midwife wanted the senior consultant before being released. They asked me about the pains, what kind they were etc. They reckon I’m measuring bigger than 34 weeks. Eventually after 7 a consultant released me from the hospital and we got a lift home (mom and I)

We were starving so we ended up grabbing some dinner. I’m now in bed watching TV. I can’t believe we were in the hospital for 5 hours. It was the labour ward so I heard a woman giving birth. She was making a right racket and kind of sounded like a cow mooing haha

I have an antenatal appointment and fetal growth scan on Wednesday. Christmas Eve I’m off to my dads for the day.



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