Braxton Hicks

I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction yesterday. It was so strange. It wasn’t necessarily my first but it was certainly the first one I had noticed. I took a picture whilst it was happening and I look huge.  

I’m sure I wasn’t THAT big the other day lol

If I go by my growth scan from 32 weeks my EDD is 29th, not the 31st which means I am actually officially 34 weeks TODAY. However I still go by 31st so I’m 34 weeks on Sunday. Tbh it’s all sort of immaterial as my little lady will make her appearance when SHE damn well wants to lol I still believe she’ll be earlier than either of the due dates I have. I hope so. It gets the whole thing out of the way and we can just start our journey together.

I’ve been binge watching One Born Every Minute because I’m fascinated by all the different people, couples, births and hospitals. One episode I watched actually included a severely premature baby which sadly passed away after a few days. I’m so glad the show doesn’t just show you all the good bits. It’s good to honour those that don’t make it. And the little boys parents said the same thing. They said “he existed, for us, and even thou he wasn’t on earth very long he will always be their son no matter what”. I do believe a lot of subjects like that are taboo. And they shouldn’t be. These little lives should be celebrated. They matter. However short they were here, they matter.

Anyways, it was my sisters birthday on Thursday. She was 11. I hope she got the present and card I mailed her. I’m hoping to get down to my dads next week but I need to speak to him first. He only got back from Australia on Monday so I thought I’d give him time to settle in.

I’m currently in bed deciding whether to go to sleep or watch some TV. My eyes have been itchy today. No idea why as there is no pollen around nor any cats (allergies). Itchy itchy itchy lol



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