Happy 3rd Birthday babies

They’re not babies. I know this. The twins are 3 years old today. 3!!! I don’t know where the last 3 years have gone but there you go.

My mom and I had breakfast together then we drove to my aunts house. We had pre-planned with her that we’d spend some of the day with her and the birthday boys. So we did. They were very excited to come back from their walk with their granny to see us at their house. Frank immediately came straight to me for a hug. They got a paw patrol floor map and some paw patrol figurines in their cars so the idea is you drive the around the map lol I bought them a shirt that says “is it Christmas yet?” And a DVD each. They loved their birthday cards from both me, and my mom. She got them a Thomas the tank one and mine was just an ordinary one with the number 3 on it. Although mine had a rocket on it and they love rockets so that went down well.

We left in the afternoon and stopped off at my nan’s for a cuppa.

I’m in bed watching TV. As I don’t get up in the mornings so early now I tend to be awake a lot later than usual. I don’t mind. It’s hardly going to mess up mysleep pattern because in 7 weeks I’m going to have a newborn baby messing it up anyway lol

Just thought I’d share the Flipagram I made.

Happy 3rd Birthday babies…



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