Baby Shower

Well the day finally arrived for my baby shower. Mom and I got up early as we had stuff to do. We went for breakfast then we popped around the shops for some last minute bits. I needed to pick up a bunch of photos I’d had printed. I have a photo frame for Scarlett’s room that holds about 12 photos. I wanted to fill it with people who will hopefully be important to her. Including some of her scan photos. I also wanted 2 5×7″ photos printed for the party. One was her 32 week 4D scan and the other was my bump painting.
I had to get some flowers to say thank you to my Nan for hosting the party. For her sister-in-law for helping her and for my friend for making the cake.

We made our way to nan’s and I basically just sat around drinking tea and watching my Nan do stuff. We had 2 hours before the shower started and most stuff had been done so I literally had nothing to do. Which was fine. I chilled lol

People started showing up. We told them to grab some food and a drink which would give any late comers a chance to get there. By the time everyone had been there an hour we’d had lots of chats, introductions for those who didn’t know each other and lots of nibbles. We started the games. Baby bingo was first. My work friend won twice and I won the “house” but I forfeited my prize to some who also won “house” too.

Next we did measure the bump. Mom and Nan clearly think I’m the size of a house if their lengths of tape was anything to go by. My moms friend Kathy won that game as her length was the closest to my bump length lol

We did a nursery rhyme quiz. I was rubbish at that. I got like 5 points lol another friend from my work won that game, jointly, with my mom.

We all had some more nibbles then I finally opened all my gifts. There was so much lovely stuff. Most of it was Disney. There was a lovely Gruffalo top and leggings set that I think I’ll pack in her hospital bag. I felt really spoilt.  

People started leaving and by 5ish they’d all gone. We helped Nan tidy up although there wasn’t that much mess to sort. We loaded all the gifts in the car and we went home. We dropped the stuff off, got back in the car and went for some food. We had booked cinema, mom and I, so at 7:30 we drove to the cinema. We watched Christmas with the Coopers. It was a pretty decent film.

Today we popped to Argos to pick up 2 items I had reserved last night. I used my Argos gift card, that I received yesterday, to pay for the stuff. I got a pink 4 drawer storage set and a baby memories box. After Argos we went to nan’s for Sunday roast. She did beef this week and it was delicious. My grandad’s brother was there for dinner which was a nice surprise. His granddaughter, who got married 2 years ago, is pregnant too. She’s due a fortnight ahead of me. He said she has no idea what she’s having as the baby wouldn’t cooperate at her 20 week scan lol these January babies are nightmares!

I did some more wrapping for my Nan. On Friday I wrapped 5 of the grandkids presents. Today I wrapped 5 again. There’s so much stuff but I guess having 16 grandchildren means there is lots lol

We are off home to chill. I may have a bath when I get in.

I’ve had a great weekend. I look forward to seeing my dad when he’s back from Australia this week. May not see him till they following week but either way I can’t wait. I haven’t been to see him since the end of August.

I am 33 weeks today. I have 7 left to go, give or take. I can’t wait to meet her. I have 49 days left!!!



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