First day of maternity

Well today was my first day of maternity. I woke up at 11ish. I had some food then I washed up like I said I would. When mom got in from work we went to town so I could get the party favours. I went for purple bags with white dots on. I grabbed a few fun sized bags of chocolates and haribo. I also bought my sister her birthday present.

We stopped off at nan’s after shopping for lunch and a cup of tea then we went home. Mom went to sleep as she worked last night and is working tonight. When she got up at 6 she cooked dinner and I made tea. At 7:30 Frankie was dropped off. I said I’d have him for the night so my aunt could go to her hospital appointment with just one of the kids in tow tomorrow.

Frank had a bath then we got a chocolate banana milkshake then got into bed. He watched Paw Patrol whilst I surfed the net. He bashed his mouth with his bottle earlier and actually made his lip bleed.

I’m having my bump painted tomorrow. A lady is coming to my house to do it. I’ve told her I’m having a girl but we are going for a festive theme as it is December.

I’m just in bed watching Criminal Minds with my headphones in. Frank is asleep.



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