32 weeks

32 weeks today. I had my re-scheduled 4D scan today. We had hoped to get some decent facial shots of her, and even a slight 4D video. Unfortunately this stubborn little madam had her face smushed against my placenta, again. They had me leave the room for a bit and I sat bouncing on a birthing ball. My thighs and back was in agony afterwards. She hadn’t moved after that so they sent me back out to get a fizzy drink and sugary food. When we had a final try she still hadn’t moved enough so they printed all they had managed to capture, including the 4D version of the photos we managed to get last time. The lady copied everything to a USB so I could look through everything later. They refunded me my deposit due to the unfortunate lack of “decent” pictures we had managed to get.


They re-did her growth measurements as there had been 3 weeks since the last scan. She was weighing 3lbs 1oz at the scan last month. In 3 weeks she’s gained 1lbs 6oz as she’s now weighing in at a lovely 4lbs 7oz. Her legs are still measuring long and her head is still measuring small but it’s all growing at the same steady speed so it’s fine. She is still head down.

I can’t believe I have 8 weeks until she’s here. It seems like only yesterday I found out I was pregnant.

My bump has popped out immensely in the last few weeks. It’s hard at the top and where she is head down I feel a lot of strange movements just under my bra line. I also feel when she has hiccups which is plain weird!!!





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