My final day

Finally my last day working arrived. I got up early as my mom was picking my brother up from work at 6am then grabbing a celebratory breakfast before we went to work ourselves.

I went into the shop on the way to work and bought some cakes and donuts etc as a celebration for my last day. I spent my last 4 hours at work mainly cleaning out my drawers, tying up loose ends and talking to people.

The office had all signed a card and 2 colleagues had given me gifts. I felt really touched that people had thought of me given how I’ve felt sometimes whilst at work.

At noon my grandad picked me up and we met my Nan at Morrison’s. When we finished we had lunch at my nan’s house then I went home.

I spent my evening back at my nan’s as my mom was working 6-9pm so she dropped me off beforehand then picked me up later.

I can’t believe I have finished work. I now have approximately 7-8 months off.

My baby shower is next week. My Nan and her sister-in-law were discussing it tonight. I’m doing the thank you cards and “party bags” so I need to buy them and the bits to go in them. Overall I need 20, maybe 25 in case anyone who has RVSP “no” actually turns up lol

I’m in bed. I’m shattered. Got some tidying up to do tomorrow. I want to get it out of the way whilst I’m still able to get my butt up lol



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