My final Wednesday

Well I survived the midweek hump day. It was a long day. I started off by showing the new lady some stuff but my manager told me to stop showing her, and just let her get on with it. I wasn’t happy about that as the task in question is 1) very long 2) very specific and 3) needs doing ASAP, preferably by someone who has been doing it long enough and understands it’s fully. But I did as I was told. So the lady logged in and she went through the stuff. I sat and observed. We chatted as silence is just plain weird.

I had my lunch at 12 with Rach and Bev. My mom picked me up at the end of the day. I can’t believe how dark it is outside by the time it’s hit 4pm. It’s pitch black when I leave the office at 5.

My uncle had dropped off a bunch of baby stuff that his wife sorted out for me. They have 5 daughters so there was 2 bags full of baby clothes. I’m really appreciative and I went through it after I had a bath tonight so I could see how much of which sizes there was. Can safely say, a lot. I’m so grateful. They also sent over a changing mat. I can finally tick that off my list.

I can’t believe I go on maternity in a day and a half. Doesn’t seem real. But it’s happening. Thank god because I’ve felt so drained this week. I can’t wait to relax and prepare for her arrival in 8 weeks!!!



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