My final Thursday

Wow my eye has been itchy as anything today. Also, where I had my whooping cough injection my arm is boiling hot and has a huge red lump on it. Also got a pain in the top of my hand, the same hand as my injection arm. I asked my midwife about it at my 31 week check up today and she didn’t think it was anything to worry about. I’ve had a slight fever all day and my cheeks are bright red as if I’m teething. I hope I feel better soon.

It’s finally my last day tomorrow. I got in bed when I came in from work and almost fell asleep. I just felt so drained. Mom cooked us dinner then after Emmerdale we popped to my nan’s to pick up something. We stopped for a cup of tea then we went home. I have been in bed since we got in. I feel so tired. I think I’ll get an early night.



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