My final Tuesday

Well today I sat with my new lady at work. I showed her the basics of what my main role is, and what I do on a regular basis.

At 11am my grandad picked me up for my appointment with the nurse. I had the jab which was Whooping Cough, Diptheria, Polio and Tetnus. 4 for the price of 1 lol

He dropped me back at work for 12. I worked as hard as I could to get some more of my epic fix-it task done then I emailed it to my colleague in Tamworth so she could do a bit then I left at 2 for the funeral.

I feel really let down by my damn hormones. I expected, given how I’ve known Pat all my life, to be crying like a mad woman once the hymns started or I saw the coffin. Nope. Not a single sniffle. Mom was in tears just from one of the songs we sang, as was my Nan. Me, I just had a highly inappropriate grin on my face and the driest eyes known to man. Ridiculous. So much for “hormonal pregnant women cry at the drop of a hat”. I’m almost 8 months and I made it through a whole funeral and the cremation part. Weird!

After the cremation we left for home as it was almost 5pm and we wanted to eat. After dinner my Nan picked me up so I could go to hers and set up her new phone. My grandad’s too. They’ve got the same phone so it was easy enough, just took a while to transfer everything from their old to their new. I’ve only been home about half hour. I’m in bed.

I can’t believe it’s bloody December!!! I opened my advent calendar today. When I got into work I had an advent calendar on my desk. Everyone did. 

 It is a Frozen one lol so I have two now.

It is my grandad’s birthday tomorrow so I dropped his card off when I was at his house earlier. I can officially say that NEXT MONTH I’m having a baby. That’s so weird but also so cool. I can’t wait.

I forgot to say yesterday that I am 31 weeks now. My little lady kicks a lot, turns over and elbows. My mom has felt it a few times and tonight my Nan felt some kicks. It’s incredible. I have my 4D re-scan on Sunday and they’ll recheck her growth as I’ll be 32 weeks. I hope she’s still measuring ahead as that means I get to meet her sooner lol



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