My final Monday

Well I DID catch an earlier bus and end up having a nice payday breakfast before work.

I ordered a bunch of stuff for the baby’s room from Argos online. It all had some form of discount on it due to “Black Friday” deals. I also ordered a bunch of baby clothes from Next online as I had a voucher to use lol

From Next:

  • A pink coat
  • A set of 3 long sleeved vests
  • A “I love my mommy” t-shirt
  • A long sleeved top and leggings set
  • A set of 2 pink jogger trousers (not pictured)

From Argos:

  • Baby monitor
  • Baby bath
  • Play mat
  • Nightlight (not pictured)
  • Pink Minnie Mouse bath chair (not pictured)
  • Canvas wall prints (not pictured)
  • Brown bear comforter (not pictured)

I also did most of my Christmas shopping on Saturday. There’s a few bits left to get but in pleased with how much we achieved on Saturday. Mom and I started off the day bright and early with breakfast at the cafe then we set off. I got a new bra in ASDA. Finally a new one. Same size. Have not gone up a size, yet.

Sunday we had my cousins birthday party then we went out for dinner after.

Today was my last Monday at work before leaving for Maternity Leave this coming Friday. I have a lady starting in the office tomorrow who is going to be covering my role whilst I’m away.

I have my Whooping Cough injection tomorrow at 11:30 then I am leaving work at 2 for a funeral. I have a midwife appointment Thursday but that’s late afternoon.

I can’t believe I finish work so soon. I also can’t believe it’s December tomorrow!!!



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