Almost TGIF

I didn’t go to work on Tuesday in the end. I woke up and I still saw stars so I decided to stay home. I felt so fuzzy headed. I slept a bit and then got up to forage for food.

Wednesday I was back at work. I have so much to do and tie up before I leave next week. It’s insane.

Last night I had my first “labour” dream. It wasn’t traumatic as you’d expect. It was just surreal. And a little sad when I woke up and realised she wasn’t actually here yet lol I hope it’s not a prophecy dream because she was born 6 weeks early (which would mean she’d be born the week of Christmas!). She did weigh a healthy 5lbs though so that was great. She looked gorgeous but that’s obviously just what my mind imagines her to look like. I can’t wait to meet her.

Today at work was busy. Lots to do.

I have 4 and a half working days to go then I am going on Maternity Leave. I wonder if the office will send a goodbye card round for me. I won’t be upset if they don’t. I’m pretty sure there is a handful of people who can’t wait for me to leave. I’m going on leave early because I think I’m a pain to put up with already. Imagine how much worse I could get if I stayed working any longer lol I can’t help it, I’m just easily irritated nowadays. Especially when certain people keep making judgemental comments regarding anything I eat or drink. It’s none of their damn business if I wish to have some caffeine or a donut or a packet of crisps. It’s my body and I know it very well having been dealing with it for 24 years.

It’s Friday tomorrow. It’s payday too. And it’s Black Friday because of thanksgiving today. So I’m going to do my Christmas shopping this weekend as well as getting relevant birthday cards etc.

I captured my little lady on camera today. I was in the bath and she started moving a lot so I snapped a video.
I am going to get up early tomorrow to catch an earlier bus so I can treat myself to a payday breakfast. Looking forward to it already.



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