Pregnancy problems

I didn’t sleep that great last night (Sunday night). I couldn’t seem to drop off. When I did it was gone 1am. I woke up again in less than 90 minutes and for a change it wasn’t to pee. Usually when I wake to pee it is only the one occasion, often around 4-5am. Not that night. I woke up 4 times and only one of those times was to pee. By the time my alarm went off to get my ass up for work I was shattered. It doesn’t help that I suffer from year-round hayfever. And yes you guessed it, Sunday was one of my flare up days. So not only did I endure broken sleep in the 5 1/2 hours I “got” from 1 till my alarm at 6:30 but I also had itchy watery eyes to contend with.

I realised it was cold outside and decided to dig out my gloves. I only found 1 so I had to settle for none. My hands were like blocks of ice walking to the bus stop. I met my mom in town for breakfast then she dropped me at work. I hadn’t been at work long when I started to feel hot, dizzy and lightheaded. After what happened last time I felt “off” (being hospitalised, twice) I figured it was best not to chance it so at 11am I packed up my things and went home. Intitially I was going to get straight into bed and catch some Zzz’s but I didn’t actually go and lay down until after 3pm. And I don’t think I fell asleep till 5ish. I vaguely remember my mom asking me if I wanted dinner and I must’ve said No because I then didn’t wake up at almost 10pm. Mom had left for work over an hour before. There was no “leftovers” so I guess I had said not to do me anything lol I really don’t remember but I know my mom asks me stuff when I’m asleep thinking I’m awake because I reply as if I know what’s going on haha

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat, and at 10pm I wasn’t going to cook, so I grabbed some toast. In all honesty I wasn’t particularly hungry but I know I had to eat for the baby’s sake. So I did. I finished it off with a pint of chocolate milk. It’s all I can ever stomach sometimes. Milk. Which is great as she needs her calcium. I drink a lot of it so her bones should be nice and strong!!!

I knew I wouldn’t sleep yet so I caught up on some TV. By midnight I was done so since midnight I’ve been laid in bed trying to sleep. I guess my 5 hour nap did me some good as I don’t feel tired but I know I need to sleep because I have work in the morning.

I’m only 1 day into this week and I’ve had enough. I feel like I just can’t deal with working. I think it’s because I can’t focus properly when I am there. It takes all my concentration to stay focused. Plus I know I only have this week and next then I’m on maternity. I guess my body and brain is just ready for maternity. Hopefully this week will go quick.

I’m 30 weeks now. I feel little lady moving around a lot as opposed to feeling kicks. I’m sure I often feel an elbow as she moves. Or even a knee. I can’t believe I’m out of the 20s. With only 10 weeks till my due date, and only 7 till I’m full term. I hope the remaining 10 weeks fly by. I can’t wait to meet her.



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