Hump Day

It’s Wednesday. Work is over. So that means there is officially only 2 days left till the weekend. Woohoo. These full working days are starting to tire this pregnant girl out. It doesn’t help that the task I’ve been working on at work, I’ve just been told that I’ve been doing it wrong. For weeks. It’s not my fault. The way I was shown in the first place was the wrong way and I wasn’t to know that. So now I’ve got to fix the wrong things. Awesome.

I wanted to mark the occasion of finding out my little baby is a little lady so I got her these tops and leggings. It’s only something small, as I’m having a baby shower in December. I just felt I had to make the occasion and be the first one to buy her something after finding out her gender.

I have just over 10 weeks till she’ll be here and I’m so excited. I go on maternity in 15 days.

I was sick yesterday. The first time in a while. I don’t know why. I just felt sick suddenly in the office and then had to dash to the loo. Preggo problems lol



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