It’s a …

Well we had some sad new this week. My Nan’s best friend, who I’ve known since birth, passed away on Tuesday. She was 68, so hardly an OAP. I feel saddened that she never got to find out what I’m having. I know she was excited about it as we talked about it whenever I saw her. She’ll never get to my meet my son or daughter.

Following that news, a most dreadful thing occurred in France yesterday evening. A mix of heavy gunfire and bombs were used on a terrorist attack in Paris, France. Almost 200 people are dead with many more injured. They attacked 7 different places including a theatre and a football stadium. What has this world come to? I dread to think how much worse it could even get. According to the media and news there are suspected threats against Rome, Italy, Washing in USA and of course London, England. God knows why Italy is targeted. They’ve done nothing wrong. I can see why Syria hates the US and England as we are joined allies with military forces that have fought back against ISIS. But Italy? They’re lovers not fighters ffs. It angers me that we are effectively in a world war. Putin said why can’t we just bomb Syria and take out all of ISIS? Apparently all the other heads of state said it would breach their human rights as innocent civilians would get caught up. So Putin went “okay we won’t do it” but you can guarantee he’s probably sat in Russia going “I bloody told you so! We should’ve done it”.

Thursday I had my 28 week check with the midwife. She gave me the AntiD jab. It hurt as she has to do it slowly. Like super slowly. She checked baby and we listened to the heartbeat. She said baby was laying head down, still, with its back to the right this time. That would be why I had a pain in my right side the other day. Must’ve been baby getting comfortable.

Today I had my 4D scan. Mom and I went to town so I could pop to the newly reopened library. They’ve refurbished and it looks great. I got out two books. We had lunch at Morrison’s cafe before setting off on our journey to the clinic. We got stuck in traffic in Southampton but we made it with a minute to spare. They were running behind so it was fine anyway.

We got called in and the lady immediately said “I know what you’re having but I’m going to make you wait a moment whilst I do some growth checks”. Mean! Lol after she did some checks she went in to “check” the gender. She showed us 3 times what she could see and we could both see 100% what she was looking at. It turns out I am having a daughter. A little lady. Her measurements showed her tummy is on par to her gestational age, her legs are 2 weeks ahead (meaning they’re long) and her head was a week behind. The lady said that although it’s not a huge concern the head being smaller, as it could be because I have a small head, she says I should speak to my midwife. So I shall. She said she’s weighing 3lbs. That’s a good weight.

I can’t believe it. I’m having a little lady. I have a name picked already, which I love. I can’t wait for my baby shower now. We can tailor it for a girl, so it will be all pinks and purples etc.

I have 20 days left at work then I start my Maternity Leave. I am 29 weeks tomorrow.



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