28 weeks

Friday I left work at noon. Mom picked me up. We had lunch at Morrison’s cafe then did some shopping. I got some more Christmas bits for baby’s first Christmas next year. I really must stop but I just can’t help it. Plus a lot was on sale!!

I was babysitting Frankie for the weekend so I went to my Nan’s to wait for him to be dropped off. He didn’t end up being dropped till gone 5pm. We had dinner at mine and then I bathed him, got him ready for bed and we watched some TV in bed. He talks so much more every time I see him. He’s obsessed with Paw Patrol.

Saturday we had planned to go swimming but it had been raining really heavy, and was very windy. I decided we’d probably catch our deaths so we braved the rain, to get some fresh air, to our Nan’s house. We stayed there most the day then came home to chill before deciding what to have for dinner. We decided to have takeaway. Frankie ate 6 chicken nuggets and all his chips from the Chinese and fish place. I had a bowl of egg fried rice, crispy chicken pieces and curry sauce (I made my own little curry). Mom had a chicken burger and chips. I was surprised Frank ate that much as all he did all day was eat lol

We ate our dinner in my bed then I cleared our stuff away then grabbed myself a quick shower whilst he watched Paw Patrol. Mom was upstairs so she kept an eye but tbh he’s a really good boy. If I tell him I’ll be back in 10 minutes, he’ll just stay where he is watching TV. So I got him in the bath once I was out the shower then we curled up with some TV and he had a bottle of “nana shake” which is chocolate and banana milk.

Sunday we were having dinner at Nan’s so after some breakfast in bed, a bath and then getting dressed we ventured outside. It wasn’t raining so that was a bonus. It was just really windy.

Frank and I did some colouring. He made me draw a monkey. And a house. And a boat. And a shark. My drawing skills are limited at best.

At 1ish dinner was ready and mom finished work just in time to eat. Frank was picked up at 6ish and I got dropped home.

I was 28 weeks yesterday. I have 9 weeks till I’m full term and 12 weeks till my due date. Baby is roughly 14-15 inches long and weighs between 2-3lbs. Baby kicks a lot but when Frank tried to feel he/she stopped. He kept trying to talk to baby. But I think all of his shouting scared baby because he/she kept making jerky movements whenever he was being noisy. He/she will know his voice when he/she born.

Omg I’m so fed up of saying he/she. I have my 4D scan on Saturday. I can’t wait. It’s just going to be me and mom.

I have finished a Monday at work, and from now on I only have 3 more to get through. I go on maternity in 25 days but it’s only 19 working days. I can’t wait. It’s so exciting!!!!

I’m in bed. I’m really tired today. I don’t know if going to sleep at 8:30 is a tad ridiculous but it’s a huge possibility tonight as A) there is NOTHING decent on TV and B) 10 hours sleep (broken by ridiculous getting-up-to-pee) sounds delightful.



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