Naughty baby

I went back to my usual caffeine routine today. Hadn’t felt baby kick during breakfast (that’s not normal) and again by lunch, I haven’t felt anything. Not even a roll or a slight elbow. So I phoned the hospital’s maternity assessment unit. They said typically they aren’t concerned in a change in kick pattern in women less than 28 weeks pregnant (as if being 27 weeks 2 days should make a lot of difference) but I’m welcome to come get checked. So at half 1 mom picked me up from work. They tested my urine, which was fine and did my BP. My BP was 100/60 – which is on the low side for me. And my heart rate was 105bpm which is a bit fast but overall it was fine. As soon as the midwife put the Doppler on my belly the baby started kicking. Typical. Baby’s heartbeat was perfect so all is well with him/her. I have such a naughty  stubborn baby that I fear what he/she will be like when he/she is finally born.

I went back to work after we left the hospital and had grabbed a snack (I’m always starving nowadays).

I’m glad baby is okay. Not that I was too concerned, as I guess baby just had a lazy 24hours but I am glad I got checked as its best to be safe than sorry.

I’m in bed now. I have a half day Friday so I’m looking forward to that. I have 1.5 days holiday to take before I go on maternity which I didn’t want to lose so I’ve asked for a few Friday afternoons off.



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