November is here

Sunday we saw Spectre. It’s not bad. Bond went all rogue lol got to love a bad guy (although technically he saved people so he’s a good guy). We had dinner at my Nan’s then we went home. I chilled upstairs with some TV on the iPad.

I could not sleep Sunday night so today I’ve been shattered. It coincided with me deciding to be good and not have any caffeine except a few cups of tea. I noticed that I hadn’t felt a lot of kicks today and we’ve all been scaremongered about “count the kicks” so whilst mom and I was watching Criminal Minds we spent half hour trying to get baby to wake up. There was movement so baby seems fine. I think without the usual caffeine content baby was probably fast asleep. I’ll keep an eye on it tomorrow (and I’ll go back to my usual caffeine routine) and if I don’t feel as many kicks then I’ll phone my midwife etc. I’d rather NOT have to go up hospital to be monitored however if I have to then I have to.

I am 27 weeks now. I’ve finally hit the third trimester. I have 10 weeks till I am officially full term and 13 weeks until D day!!!

My nan is hosting my baby shower for me as her house is bigger but by hosting I just mean she was just going to help with a place to do it, some food and that. She informed me Saturday that her and her sister-in-law have got it all in hand and I’m not to worry. She wants to do it all herself, well her and her sister-in-law. Who am I to say no? I think it’s a lovely gesture and I’m really looking forward to it. It should be good fun. It is in about 6 weeks I think.

I have my 4D scan booked in for less than a fortnight. I can’t wait to see jellybean again.



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