Happy Halloweenie!

So I passed my glucose tolerance test. I had my midwife appointment on Thursday and all is well. They had to redo another one of my usual bloods as they mislabelled the bottle so they had to redo it. I don’t mind, needles don’t bother me. My midwife says baby is still head down. Awesome position to be in. I have to see her again in a fortnight for my 28 week check where I’ll be given the AntiD jab.

Friday was a long day at work. I was going to go cinema but I couldn’t be arsed so I ended up having dinner with mom then getting in the bath. It was really rather relaxing.

Today I got up at half 9. Mom and I were meeting her two friends for breakfast so we went to Morrison’s cafe. After a delicious breakfast I hit the shop. I saw they were doing a sale on baby Christmas stuff so I got a bunch of outfits for cheap. I got them in size 9-12 months as next year’s Christmas will be the baby’s first. It’s really exciting thinking about it.

We went to my Nan’s for a cup of tea then we went home. We were going out for dinner with them tonight as a belated anniversary meal. My treat. We went to Beijing restaurant. It was delicious and I feel so stuffed. I’m laid in bed now in a half food coma lol

I wasn’t going to participate in Halloween this year. But I suddenly felt that I would regret it if I didn’t as I may never be pregnant again, or at least I may never be pregnant at Halloween so I tried my best with a last minute participation attempt.


My mom had to draw it as I tried to but as I was using a mirror I wrote the letters the wrong way lol

We are off to see spectre tomorrow then we are having dinner at my Nan’s. Can honestly say it’s been a fairly chilled but decent weekend.

I am 26 weeks and 6 days. I have 92 days till I’m due (13 weeks 1 day). I have 34 days until I start maternity leave. Exciting stuff!



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