Glucose Tolerance Test

Well I didn’t watch that movie in the end. I woke up Saturday morning and just decided that I couldn’t be bothered to go see it for 2 reasons. Reason 1) I had no money for a slushie!! And reason 2) I try to avoid the buses unless I have to use one for work. So instead I tidied up my room and starting going through what clothes REALLY don’t fit, and haven’t for ages so I can throw them out, and what clothes only just don’t fit so I can keep them for after baby. It’s mostly tops. I seem to have so many blouses, tshirts and weird vest things. I moved any remaining baby bits from my room into the baby’s room. Including the glucose tolerance test drink that was sitting on the side annoying me every time I looked at it.

Sunday my grandparents and I went to my aunts for the day. She cooked a roast and I played with the kids. I hadn’t been to her new house. She’s lived there 6 months lol when we were leaving Frankie was like “me too”. I had to tell him he can’t come with me as I have to work. Bless him. They’re all on half term this week so that’ll be a tiring week for my aunt.

Monday I was at work. I put my glucose solution in the fridge when I went to bed so it would be cold when I drank it today.

It tasted surprisingly okay. Like flat lucozade. I drank that at 7am then at 9am I had my bloods done then I got the bus to town. I had just missed the bus to work so in town I grabbed breakfast. I was starving as I had been told I couldn’t eat after midnight, until after I had had my bloods done. After I ate I still had half hour before my bus so I went into Sainsburys to grab some stuff for lunch then finally I got on my bus. I got to work just after 11.

It was payday today so I paid my mom her usual. I ordered 5 items from Argos. 2 were ones you had to collect to mom picked them up.
2 luggage bags were £15. I was looking for something to get for when I go into labour. Stumbled across these on Argos. They’re perfect and they’re red which means they match the changing bag I got ages ago. I also got a pack of 2 fitted sheets for the cot.

I then ordered the cot mattress, a 4 shelf canvas hanging wardrobe organiser and a baby changing hanging organiser. All 5 items cost me under £100. Which was the limit I set myself to spend this month when working my way through my Argos “I need” list. There’s only a few bits left to get including the breast pump, new curtains and some cot bedding.

I am 26 weeks (and 2 days). I have just over 5 weeks left till maternity leave. I’m down to double digits on the baby countdown. According to my pregnancy app there is 96 days to go till my due date. It is so exciting. I think on Sunday, when I hit week 27, I’ll “officially” have started my third and final trimester.

I’m currently in the bath because my body was aching today. Must be all that walking I had to do this morning. I’m going to wash my hair and get into bed to watch Chicago Fire. I’m on season 4 now, it’s addictive.



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