Friday is here

My week has been so rubbish. Monday I went to Tamworth. Took us ages to get home because the second train, from Birmingham to Reading, was really late and jam packed so we decided to catch the next one.

Tuesday I felt so tired all day.

Wednesday I felt sick and nauseous all day so I left work at 12. I figured if I got home and got into bed I’d feel better. I fell asleep, woke up at dinner time then after I ate a little something I got back in bed.

Thursday I still didn’t feel right so I phoned in sick and stayed in bed most the day. I had doctors at 4pm so I ventured out for that. My doctor agreed that moving my maternity start forward was best for my mental wellbeing and that’s all that matters. It’s been confirmed my ML start date is December 4th which means it’s exactly 6 weeks today.

I am so glad it’s Friday. I was really tired today. I seem to get tired a lot nowadays. No surprise really I guess?

I still can’t feel the baby’s kicks from the outside. A coworker tried today but they’re just not visible on the outside either. It’s crazy because I can feel them very well, and very frequent. I can’t wait till they’re a bit more obvious to others.

My uncles wife dropped off the Moses Basket she’s giving me. It’s now safely tucked in the baby’s room. Another item I can check off my baby list. I have to buy the cot mattress this month, and the bedding but beyond that, nothing else is too urgent as a lot that is left on the list now are “tidbits”. Like a cot mobile, a nightlight, a wardrobe shelf organiser, canvas storage boxes, baby monitor, swaddle blankets, hooded bath towel etc. All sorts of random but non expensive items. I have a list on Argos that I’m slowly working through.

I have sent the evites out for my baby shower. It is on December 12th. Within the first few minutes of sending it I had 3 declines. No surprises there. I just hope enough people turn up so I don’t look like a Larry No Mates lol

I’m off to the cinema tomorrow to watch The Last Witch Hunter. It looked good on the trailer.



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