Back at work

Saturday we had a fairly lazy day. We went to Nan’s and spent the day there. Sunday morning we went to the cinema. Mom, me, Frankie and Freddie. We watched Strange Magic and for the most part the twins were good but Frank had to keep pushing his luck by trying to climb over the seats in front and he was up/down his chair every 10 minutes lol

After the cinema we went to Nan’s house for Sunday lunch. Frank eat his dinner all up. Fred ate most of it. By the afternoon they were feeling cooped up so we took them to the park. They had over an hours runaround then we went home for supper. They had butter jam and a banana shake then a bath then bed.

Yesterday we didn’t have any plans. Mostly because we believed they’d be picked up in the afternoon by their nana. We took them down the park again before lunch then after an hour we left for morrisons to grab some bits then we went to Nan’s for lunch. They watched TV and played in the garden. I phoned their Nan to ask when she was planning to come and she said she wasn’t coming. Obviously I was surprised. So I text my aunt and she said she didn’t know what to do. She then phoned my Nan and said could they stay with her and she’d pick them up when she flies home in the early hours. Mom said that’s ridiculous. You can’t drag two 3 year olds out of bed at that time. Plus my grandad said he didn’t want them staying there simply because she messed up by booking her flight for Tuesday instead of Monday. So mom phoned her work and rearranged her shift so she’d have them today then they’d go home at lunch. So that’s what we did.

They had dinner at Nan’s yesterday then we went home. I got them bathed and ready for bed. Mom sorted some dinner whilst I got them to sleep then we ate and watched TV. I went up to bed at 11pm and squeezed in with the twins. I noticed Frankie had wet through so I had to change him and stick a towel underneath him. Then I couldn’t sleep and didn’t drop off till late. Frank woke up at 6 and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless I squeezed in the middle of him and Fred. Problem is, at that time the bloody heating is on and the radiator is at the head end so I thought I was going to boil to death lol I must’ve dropped off because next thing mom is waking us up saying its almost 7am.

I changed both their nappies and put a clean pair of pyjama bottoms on them as well as their shoes and a jumper. I sent them downstairs and then I got dressed. I grabbed my stuff and went down to eat breakfast and make my lunch. They ate a slice of toast between them and I made them a banana chocolate milkshake then we left. I had to go Sainsburys before work so mom stopped off there then she dropped me at work. I waved bye to the twins and they waved back.

I missed them and would’ve preferred to be at home with them than at work. At least home I could’ve napped. I was exhausted. I was bad. I drank a whole can of energy drink as well as a can of coke with my lunch. I was flagging badly by 2ish. Doesn’t help they’ve got the heating on in the office. I don’t get cold so I was really hot and I actually felt sick all day. And being tired already, topped with sleepiness from being too warm, I’m not sure how I managed to stay awake lol

My mom dropped the twins home at 12 and my grandad picked me up from work 5. I was so glad to get home and chill.

I am 24 weeks now. Baby is still kicking good. I can’t believe I’m 6 months. In 3 weeks I’ll have hit the third, and final, trimester. I go on Maternity Leave in just over 9 weeks. I have a 4D scan in a month. I can’t wait.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is out in a few days. I want to go see it.



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