Peppa Pig World Again

Yesterday I missed my doctors appointment because I overslept so I had to rearrange it. Luckily they weren’t all huffy about it like usual. At 11:30 my grandad and I went to the doctors surgery for our flu jabs. After that we went back to his. The twins turned up as we got there. My aunt told me that they are flying home in the early hours of Tuesday. I’m back to work Tuesday so I told her she’ll have to get them picked up by her mother-in-law on Monday. She agreed that was the plan.

After her and her partner left the twins and I stayed at my Nan’s house. They had dinner and then mom took us home. They wouldn’t go to bed like good boys when I tried at 7 so I watched both episodes of Emmerdale then at half 8 tried again. This time was successful.

Today they woke up fairly early. We watched Peppa Pig in bed then we got some breakfast. They ate. I couldn’t stomach it. I got them bathed and dressed then we all hopped in the car for Peppa Pig World. We stopped at McDonald’s for a cheeky breakfast as mom and I were starving then we were on our way.

We had a great day. The sun was shining and we went on some of the Paulton’s Park rides as well as the Peppa Pig World ones. We snapped lots of pictures and there was a lot of laughter. Frank doesn’t seem to understand the concept of queueing which at his age is understandable. But it meant a lot of “stand here”, “no I said stand with us, not with strange people” and him shouting “nooooo” at us lol

We left Peppa Pig World after 4 and went straight home as it was gone 5 by the time we got back. I got them in the bath and ready for bed. At 6ish I got their coat and shoes on as we were meeting my brother at McDonald’s for dinner. It was a treat for our fun day out. We ate then mom dropped me and the twins at my Nan’s as they’d slept in the car back from Peppa Pig World so I didn’t expect them to be tired at 7 like normal. We stayed at Nan’s till 10ish. Fred had started to get a bit stroppy as he was tired and he fell asleep on my lap just before we left for home. They’re in bed fast asleep now and I’m going to join them.

Here’s some pictures from today.



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