Well I singlehandedly pissed off a client who now no longer wishes to work with us. Apparently!! It’s a lie. I was the “final nail” in the coffin but I certainly didn’t singlehandedly cause them offence. All I did was forget we had outstanding tasks on the system which has expired. I held my hands up and then rectified the problem so I thought that would be the end of it. Oh no, I had a disciplinary meeting Thursday where I was told I have poor stands of work (not true at all) and I’m lucky it wasn’t deemed Gross Misconduct otherwise I’d be out on my ear. Who knew pregnancy brain could be so damning. I’m on a final warning apparently. Which is strange because I’ve not had any type of warning previous to this so I’m a tad confused.

Anyways I bought some new boots in the week but they didn’t fit when I got them home so I had to go get a refund today. I got the refund and then went to a different shop and ended up with 2 pairs of shoes for £10 less overall than the 1 pair I got in the first place. Bargain. We had lunch then we went to my Nan’s for a cuppa. We went to the cinema at 5:45. We watched The Intern. It’s a good film. I do love Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro.

We got home about 8:30 and had something to eat as we hadn’t had dinner. I had a cheese toastie, a chocolate milkshake and then got into bed. I’m currently laid in bed debating whether to put the TV on or just go to sleep lol I’m quite tired even though I didn’t get up this morning till half 9ish.

I have a dental consultation at the hospital on Monday. It’s to do with getting my wisdom teeth removed. The bottom 2 (I have 4 overall) are rubbing my gums and I’m worried they’ll end up infected. The gums I mean. So the dentist referred me.

I’m 23 weeks tomorrow. According to my Preggo app baby is as big as an Eggplant and weighs about 1lb. Awesome. I’ve been feeling kicks so much more in the last fortnight. I can’t wait till they’re strong enough to feel from the outside.



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