Emotionally drained

Sunday I had dinner at my grandparents. Only potatoes. I hadn’t had plans to eat there. I just stopped in to say Hi but they hadn’t had dinner yet and my nan dished me up some potatoes.

Monday I was back to work. Day wasn’t too bad. Was shattered Tuesday and I was sick just before lunch. I think it was the cookies I ate. My body doesn’t seem to like sugary stuff or chocolate anymore. Nice!

Today was long. I had a meeting at work. I just feel so drained today. I keep thinking about maternity leave. About how I’ll have 1/3 the amount of money coming in than usual. That scares me. I am 21 weeks pregnant and I’m not sure I like being pregnant. Everyday it’s a battle between feeling really rather sick and really rather hungry. There never seems to be a happy medium and that sucks.

On the upside, it’s payday on Friday so I can keep buying a few bits from my baby list so that by Christmas I’ll have everything I need. Including putting the deposit down for the pram. It takes 6 weeks to come into store then we can work out paying the rest off. I can’t wait.



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