Weekend again

Not sure if work believed I was in hospital. I wasn’t greeted with all that much concern. And I’m in trouble for not phoning in the second day. I just figured texting would be okay because I had been in contact via text the day before. But it’s fine, I’m in trouble. What can I do or say when I know that yes I am in the wrong.

We went to a garden charity fete today at my Gran’s residential home. I won a potato peeler on the Tombola. I also won some sweets too. My Nan’s sister bought the baby a soft handmade sock thing. It’s kind of cute actually.

I had dinner with my grandparents. We had steak and chips. It’s been a fairly boring weekend. I did think about going to the cinema but there’s nothing out that takes me fancy. Initially I was babysitting tonight for my aunt but I’ve had a stinking cold since I left the hospital in the week. I told her I didn’t think she’d want me to share it with the kids lol she agreed. I do miss the twins when I haven’t seen them properly for a while.

Can’t believe I’m 21 weeks tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like it’s flying by. Some days are hard. I feel like I’m stuck between feeling really sick and feeling really hungry.

I have a half day next Friday. I’m looking forward to that. I want to do some shopping because I need some new jeans desperately. And I have a party on the Saturday so I’d like to do my nails. Make an effort. It’s my cousins 40th.



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