Hospital, again

Well I phoned 111 Monday night and they told me to get up the hospital. So at 11:30 I got my grandad to drop me up. I came prepared this time after what happened when I was taken hostage last time. I came with spare knickers, pjammas and some socks. I also brought my iPad, charger and slippers lol

I was first seen at midnight by triage. They took bloods and fitted a canula. We all know how much I love those bastard things lol they did an ECG. I was sent back to the waiting room for half hour then I was called back and given a bed in A&E Majors. They told me they wanted to do a chest X-ray and more bloods. I settled in for the night and waited. They did a chest X-ray and said it looked clear. There was a lot of time between the various nurses and doctors talking to me. A&E was very busy. I was told at 2:30am I was being kept in so I let my mom know. They did my BP and sats. I couldn’t sleep because I was starving so I asked one of the nurses if anything was available. Biscuits would’ve sufficed but he came back with a sandwich and some fruit. I was very thankful. I munched then at about 5am-ish I fell asleep. I was woken up at 6:30am by a consultant. He came to assess me and ask me some questions. He said they wanted me to have the leg scans done again. I fell asleep again at 8ish for an hour. I’m surprised I was able to sleep with all the racket as I was still in A&E, not a ward. The place was crazy for a weekday. At 10:30am a porter came in and said he was to wheel me down to the cardiac unit for my leg scans. He wheeled me round in a wheelchair. After my scans were done, he wheeled me back and I tried to get some more sleep. Lunch came and it was not appetising whatsoever so I asked mom if she’d bring me in something. She said she’d bring me a sandwich and some crisps.

She got there just after 1ish. My 20 week scan was already scheduled for yesterday at 3pm so I told them and said would someone be able to get a wheelchair then my mom could wheel me down. They took so long that we commandeered one that was just sat in the corridor then mom kidnapped me and wheeled me down to antenatal. My appointment was 3 but they were running seriously late. I didn’t get seen till gone 4 and it was 5 by the time I got back to A&E.

20 weeks 2 days

Baby is growing perfect however he/she is very lazy and very stubborn. The lady couldn’t see all the details on the spine and skull that she needs to see so she’s rescheduled me for a scan in 2 weeks. And no I don’t know the gender. As usual lol

After my scan my mom wheeled me back to A&E. She left and I was still waiting to be told when I would be released. At 5:45 the nurse said my leg scans were clear so she needed to do one last blood test, takes 15 minutes for the results then I can go. So at 6ish I was finally discharged. I got home at 7.

We had pizza, and after being in hospital barely eating, it was heavenly. I had a nice hot shower then got into bed. I was so tired. I think I fell asleep at 10pm.

I woke up this morning at 7ish. I text my manager to confirm I was definitely staying home today then went back to sleep. I’ve woken up with a sore throat and a blocked nose. Awesome. Hospitals are germ filled lol

Back to work tomorrow. So another early night for me tonight. I finally wiggled into my maternity jeans for the first time today. I’m 20 weeks 3 days and I’m wearing MATERNITY JEANS!! 



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