I feel funny

I had a good weekend. Saturday I had a decent lay in. I rearranged the baby’s clothes, shoes and random items I’ve bought. I put all the clothes in the chest of drawers and hung up the coat and winter onesie in the wardrobe. I love just looking at all the things. I can’t believe I have so much stuff already. I have s steriliser (it is a Tommee Tippee one as I preferred the Tommee Tippee breast pump online). I also have TT bottles to match. I got the 9oz bottles so I will buy 5oz too as baby won’t be guzzling milk to start with and it means I’ll be filling up a smaller bottle so less wastage.

Saturday my brother and me had dinner with our grandparents. We had Chinese. Sunday we had dinner at my nan’s. A lovely Sunday roast. My aunt had dinner too so we saw the kids. After dinner mom and I went to the cinema. We watched Legend. It’s a great film. I love Tom Hardy.

I had work today. This morning I felt fine but this afternoon I suddenly felt breathless and couldn’t quite catch my breath. Whenever I breathed in it hurt. I also felt very dizzy. I went outside a few times at work because I thought maybe I had gotten hot.

I’m in bed and I’m wondering if I should have phoned 111 and seen what they said. I may phone tomorrow.

I am 20 weeks!!! Eeeekkkk I’m half way. It’s sailing by some weeks, and others seem to drag.

I have my 20 week scan on Wednesday. Do we think jellybean will cooperate and allow me to find out whether I’m having a son or daughter? Answer: probably not! #stubbornandlazybaby



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