Well my mom’s boyfriend came over and he put up the cot bed, the wardrobe and the chest of drawers. The baby’s room looks so tiny now the furniture is up. There was so much crap on my moms bed that she napped in my bed two days in a row whilst I was at work. I only know this because she sent me a picture lol

Monday I phoned my midwife because my manager told me I needed to hand my MatB1 paperwork in by my 25th week of pregnancy but I’m not seeing my midwife until that week. She was great, she said she’ll write up the paperwork the week of my 21st week and I can pick it up on the Tuesday. I also had to make a dentist appointment as my wisdom teeth are giving me such problems ATM. So I called them and they gave me an appointment for Thursday. That’s rare. Usually you don’t get an appointment for at least a fortnight.

I didn’t get up to much in the week. Thursday I had a meeting first thing at work. It was a group thing. None of us had a clue what it was going to be about. My day turned out to be epically shit. Then when I went to my dentist appointment, expecting to just have a dental X-ray so I can be referred to the hospital to have the wisdom teeth removed. The lady said I had some decay on one of my top teeth so she’d like to do a filling whilst I’m here. I was a bit anxious of that as I hate the dentist but I don’t want to lose any teeth so I reluctantly agreed. She then proceeded to jab me with a needle and went about doing the filling. I was furious because I never ever accept the lidocaine numbing injection. I’ve always declined. If she had read my dental notes she’d have known this but she never even gave me the choice. So I left the dentist office with half a numb face and in quite an irritated mood. She did do the dental X-ray so hopefully I’ll be referred to the hospital like she said.

Thursday was just such a shit day. I was glad when home time came.

Today was much better but then again Friday’s always are. Today marks the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in NYC. I remember I was at school when it happened. I was 10. We must never forget that day.

I am 20 weeks on Sunday. Finally half way. I can’t believe I’ve come this far. I feel much more when he/she moves. Still not definitive kicks but more than just flutters. I still sleep on my front ATM because I can’t seem to get comfy on my side like all the pregnancy apps suggest. I think the only reason I can still sleep on my front, with my little bump, because my mattress is memory foam so it moulds to my shape. I think if my mattress was solid I wouldn’t be able to sleep like that. I wonder how long I’ll manage on my front before I have to force myself to sleep on my side lol

I don’t have any plans this weekend. I might put the baby’s stuff in the chest of drawers. I love looking at all the clothes.



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