3 days to go

Well I ended up babysitting this weekend just gone. Frank was coming to stay. He wasn’t dropped off till 9pm so we didn’t get into bed till 10:30pm. He woke up the next day at 7:30am. We spent the day at our grandparents. He played in the garden as the weather was so hot. He had pants on once we got there and to his credit he did 3 wees in the toilet. He had one “miss” because he got carried away playing in the garden. At 3:30pm he fell asleep watching TV so I laid him on the sofa. When I woke him up a little while later he wet his pants. Hardly his fault as he is still mastering daytime wees, let alone nighttime wees lol he had a nappy on after that because we were going to have dinner, walk home, then it was to be bath and bed. So we ate dinner with Nan and Grandad then we walked home. He talks a lot more now. Like half sentences such as “No my oo oo” (oo oo is monkey, he found my stuffed animals). We got in the bath. I don’t bath with him or Fred often as they’re at that age but it saved time. I washed his hair then put a face mask on me and he said “and me” so I put a little on his face. After I got out and was getting dressed, he climbed out and stood in the bathroom yelling for me lol he was cold. Not surprised. If he had waited a moment I’d have gotten him out, with a towel. Once he was dressed we got into bed and I said “do you want to listen to baby before sleep?” And he said yes so I got the Doppler out and we listened. I said to him to say night baby, so he did and we turned it off and went to sleep. It was about 8ish. 

**Our washing machine is broke. The guy came out Saturday but he didn’t have the part as we reported the door seal was broken but he says it’s the bearings and drum that need replacing** So nan did some loads of our washing over the weekend.

We woke up Sunday at 7:30. That was a good nights sleep. We had breakfast then I bathed him and got his dressed for the walk to Nana’s house. Soon after we got there we bundled in the car so we could visit my Gran. We left the old folks home after an hour. It was hammering down with rain and Nan was trying to get Frankie in the car but he was proper dawdling so my Grandad turned the car on and Frank panicked and yelled “Dee-dor (grandad) wait a me” – meaning grandad wait for me. Then when he got in the car he went “dee-dor start car no me” – meaning grandad started the car without me! So funny.

We went back and his mom soon arrived as she was having dinner. They stayed for hours and when she left she dropped me home. I had a bath which was relaxing. I was starving as we hadn’t had supper so I ordered some chicken shish for me and my brother. We ate that whilst watching a movie. My mom was away till today so it was just us 2, and Frankie in the house all weekend lol

Today at work seemed quickly. I bet tomorrow will drag. The weather was shite. It hammered down all day. I got soaked going to work so I scrounged a lift home from my Grandad as he wasn’t busy.

My nan has a hospital appointment tomorrow as she has some dodgy symptoms in her right breast that need attention. She’s got a lump, her breast is twice the size of the other AND she has an inverted nipple that has a black dot in the middle. I’m concerned it’s something sinister, so is my mom as its her mom after all. Hopefully they’ll tell her more tomorrow!

I was 17 weeks on Sunday. I have my gender rescan on Friday. I can’t wait. I hope baby cooperates!!!

I’m in bed playing harvest swap. I’m stuck on level 73!



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