Stubborn like momma

Yesterday I had the day off. And I woke up quite late but that’s because I didn’t fall asleep till 5am Tuesday night/morning. No idea why. I just couldn’t sleep. I was up watching Criminal Minds at 3am drinking a cup of tea lol

I had a gender scan booked for 3pm yesterday so when mom got in from work we went out for lunch as my aunt cancelled our lunch date. She said she wasn’t well and I don’t want germs so that was fine that she stayed home. After lunch we stopped by my nan’s for a cuppa then we left to go to the scan.

Firstly we couldn’t find the place. Google maps wasn’t very helpful. We phoned them and got directions. Luckily we were on time. I had the scan done and guess what……………… this baby is as stubborn as its mother. So unfortunately they couldn’t determine the gender so I’m booked in for a re-scan next Friday at noon. I tried everything. The lady had me jumping up and down, wiggly my hips, laid on my side. Nothing. It wouldn’t turn to face us. It had its back to us the entire time. Clearly it was very comfy laying like that lol so there we have it, a stubborn personality at 16 weeks and 4 days. I love listening to the heartbeat. I usually listen before I go to sleep at night. I was listening earlier and I swear I annoyed the baby and he/she kicked at the microphone because it made a weird sound alongside the heartbeat and then a weird whooshing noise like the baby had turned over or something. I hope it’s turned front ways by next week lol

Work was long today. I felt so drained and 5pm couldn’t come any longer. I had a headache and my right eye was itching up a storm. So it was making my headache worse.

Friday tomorrow hopefully that’ll be a nice quick day then I can relax and chill out. I don’t feel like I relaxed properly whilst I was off this week. Probably because I had a fairly shit birthday in retrospect and it disappointed me because it’s my last one before I have the baby. But shit happens so…



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