It’s my birthday

I am now 24. I woke up at 9:30 which was a decent lay in than my usual get time up for work. I’m so glad I booked the day off.

I decided I would go to town for a haircut. I haven’t had it cut since about March I think. So I got on the bus and did some shopping then stopped at the salon. The girl who cut my hair was the same one who did it last time. After I had my hair washed, cut and blow dried I grabbed some lunch then got the bus to my Nan’s house. She’s got the week off this week so I knew she’d be in. I stayed there for a few hours and my mom came there after she finished work at 2:30. My nan gave me my birthday card. We left her house and went home. I didn’t realise the spa vouchers had to be purchased 2 days prior to your visit, which we hadn’t booked, so we couldn’t go to the spa tonight. I was mad at myself so that put a downer on the day. We decided to go out for dinner instead. I chose Beijing restaurant as I love Chinese. It’s a tad sad that I had to pay for the whole meal but mom doesn’t get paid till the end of the month and my bro is still signed off so he’s a bit skint. 

After we had dinner we went back to my nan’s to ask her how her doctors appointment went. They’re referring her to the hospital. As an urgent referral. I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.

We went home just after 8 and mom left for work shortly after. I haven’t done much this evening. I mostly just replied to birthday wishes on Facebook and that.

Overall it wasn’t my best birthday but I can’t say it was the worst either. I’m just a little sad it wasn’t more special as its my last one before I have the baby.

I have the day off tomorrow too and in the afternoon I have the gender scan so hopefully the baby will cooperate so I can find out whether I’m going to have a son or daughter. My aunt is taking me out for lunch tomorrow. That’ll be nice.

I’m in bed now. Think I’ll read some of my book. I’m on number 8 in the Girl in the Box series.



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