16 weeks down…

…only 24 weeks to go lol

I had an emotional moment last night. No idea why. I just stared crying whilst in bed. Frank was laid next to me fast asleep, totally oblivious. I was just upset that the baby doesn’t have its father around. And it’s frustrating hearing women on the due date forum talking about “me and my husband like this”. I know that no one is personally attacking me. I know that. I am also aware that no one forced me to keep this child but as if there was any alternative. Hearing people women about their shared pregnancy experiences with their partners just highlights for me that fact that I can’t share it. It is the significant most important phase in my life and I am having to do it alone. I feel a little deprived. I feel that his childish behaviour is what’s caused things to be with way. Because he’s blocked all communication he’s not going to know if we have a son or daughter. And I say WE because it is OUR child. I didn’t make this child by myself.

So yes I had a cry. Then my aunt phoned for something then I ended up getting upset on the phone so she calmed me down lol thank god for her. We are like sisters!!

On the upside, Frank didn’t wake till 8am! Yay for him, and me. I need my sleep nowadays. Yesterday I let him, Ronnie, Reggie and Freddie each listen to the baby’s heartbeat. My aunt thought it was a cute idea so she had them lined up. Frank had the headphones on and my aunt said “say hello to baby” so he waved at my belly and went “hello bubba”. It was the cutes thing ever. I wonder how jealous he’ll be with the baby is here because he loves his “KayKay” and he won’t want to share lol

He was picked up today at 10am and I spent my morning back in bed being a lazy cow. At lunch I went to my Nans house to let the dog out for a bit. Mom picked me up later so we could do some food shopping. I had a late lunch then climbed into bed because my stomach felt weird. Must have eaten something that doesn’t agree with me.

I didn’t do as much today as I would’ve liked. My room is still a tip. There is stuff everywhere and I desperately need to change my bedding.

It’s my birthday in 2 days. I have Tuesday off (my birthday) and I also have Wednesday off. I did have a dentist appointment Wednesday but they called me late Friday to change it to tomorrow. Not sure if my manager will be okay with that but I couldn’t argue with the receptionist because there was a reason they changed it.

I’m in bed and it’s late so I’m off to sleep.


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