I saw my midwife two day so I could have a checkup. It is my 16 week one but obviously I am only 15 1/2 weeks. They ask you to give a urine sample, which I did and I peed on my hands by accident, oops.

She did my BP which was slightly higher than it was last time but she wasn’t concerned so I have no reason to be. She listened to the babies heartbeat using her Doppler and its heart is beating at 150BPM. It sounds like a train.

I am so glad that I managed to buy a Doppler for myself because hearing the baby’s heartbeat makes me feel really excited and helps it become more real. I tried the Doppler yesterday. The first try didn’t find heartbeat but I wasn’t worried because I figured it was probably due to the fact that I’m a bit chunky. I thought I’ll try once more and thankfully I found the heartbeat this time and was able to listen for a few minutes until I yelled for my mom to come and listen. She said it sounds like a train, which it totally does. So exciting!!!

Birthday in 5 days.

I am in bed because I’ve had a banging head since yesterday and this morning I brought my breakfast back up whilst in the loo so I’ve felt crappy all day. I think an early night is needed.



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