15 weeks

Saturday my mom and I went to see Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation at the cinema. Sunday went to the White Dove Rally. It’s a classic bike and car show. My grandad loves it and we’ve gone almost every year for the last 5 years. I got the baby a white and lemon cardigan and my nan got it a white one. I also got a lemon blanket. We don’t know the sex yet but the gender scan is booked for next Wednesday. I can’t wait to find out. I won’t lie, I do hope for a boy. I don’t know why!

I have my second midwife’s appointment on Thursday. Hopefully she’ll use a Doppler to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. That would be pretty cool.

I’ll be 16 weeks on Sunday. I can’t believe I’m 15 weeks already. Some days it feels like it’s dragging and others it feels like it’s flying.

I haven’t set an official date for maternity but it’s either going to be December 11th or December 18th. I haven’t decided which yet.

It’s my birthday a week today. I’m going to be 24. Mom and I are going to a spa. A different one this time. We found one that has a celestial floatation pool that we want to try out. It’ll be fun and relaxing.

Omg guess who got back in touch today. My marine guy. Oh how I’ve missed him. I’ve been texting him a few times a month for a couple of months and he hadn’t replied. Turns out he has a new number so he re-activated his facebook just so he could message me. God I love him sometimes. He’s living a little closer to me nowadays. Last time we had spoken he was still in Scotland lol

I am knackered so I’m off to sleep.



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