I have heartburn

So I got sunburnt on Saturday whilst at the beach so my upper back was killing me whenever I was wearing a top. 

I went to bingo with my nan on Sunday night and I won £25 lol

I went to work Monday but I didn’t feel right. Tuesday I kept gagging as smells, thoughts and foods but the gagging seems to feel like it was burning. Which in turn made me feel worse. So I left work early. Wednesday morning I got an emergency doctors appointment and the guy straight up diagnosed Heartburn. Who knew? He’s prescribed me some pregnancy-safe low dose tablets to manage it so that’s good news. In the afternoon I had an appointment to see the CAB. They basically told me that because I’m a full time employee I’m entitled to shit all. Awesome news!!

I ordered a changing bag from Argos last week and it came in the mail. It’s red. It came with a foldable, easy to use, mobile changing mat and a thermal insulated bottle bag to keep a bottle warm. I’m thoroughly chuffed with it and may use it as my hospital bag for when I go into labour.

It’s Friday tomorrow yippee. You’ve got to love a Friday.



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