Baby’s first designer outfit

Well Tuesday we went and did minigolf. It was very windy but surprisingly there were lots of wasps flying around. After we finished playing we stopped in the cafe at the minigolf place for some lunch and I had a pizza which was pepperoni and a chocolate milkshake. We went back to the caravan site and got our bits together to go swimming at the site clubhouse. We had a good hour or two at the pool then we got out and went back to our caravan. We chilled out and then we had some dinner. I think that was the night we had Chinese from a place on their little High Street in the town. It wasn’t bad. Curry sauce was a little yucky.

Wednesday we had decided to go to Portsmouth to go up the Spinnaker tower as well as do some shopping at Gunwharf Quays. I got a little bit carried away when we get the shopping because I bought the baby some Nike trainers, a Ralph Lauren top and onesie and an outfit from Gap. Mum bought the baby a pair of Nike trainers as well. We did shopping before we went up the Spinnaker tower and we put our items in the boots of the cars so we didn’t have to carry them up the tower. After we had been up the tower we stopped for lunch as I was starving because all I do nowadays is eat.

When we got back my mom’s boyfriend’s son said he wanted to go swimming but my mom and I didn’t fancy it. She hadn’t felt well all day and I myself had had a banging headache since we got there on Monday. I think we both ended up having a sleep whilst they were swimming and my mom’s boyfriends daughter sat in the front room watching TV as she didn’t want to swim either.

Thursday we decided we would have a look round Chichester towncentre. Mom and I had been there before three years ago when we stayed at Chichester Lakeside Park. I bought myself two tops from HMV. I bought myself three books from a store and I got some maternity jeans from Mothercare because they were on sale and I know I’ll need them soon enough.

Friday we came home early because my mom thought my brother wanted us back. Turns out he didn’t and I was a bit annoyed that I kind of wasted a day off. I spent my afternoon with my grandad who was out of hospital and had been since Tuesday.

Today we went to East wittering to visit my aunt who is staying there for the week with the kids. We had lunch at their house and then we went down to the beach. We were there a couple of hours before the tide went out and the sand was able to be walked on. After the beach we came back and I gave my feet wash as they were all sandy. We got sorted and walk down to the boulevard to get some dinner. Dinner was lovely and after we’d had a cup of tea back at the house we decided to make the journey home. When we was leaving I said to Frankie that we are going and he shouted “and me?” He then flung his arms around my neck which was very cute but I told him he can’t stay because I am back working on Monday.

When we arrived at my house I bid farewell to my grandparents, picked up my stuff and go out the car. I had only walked a few steps before suddenly I was sick on the path. I walked a few more steps and was sick again. My mom cleaned it up for me whilst I had a shower. I don’t know why I was sick but it could be sunstroke perhaps or motion sickness. I’m in bed now and I feel okay except my stomach burns a little. Acid reflux?

I am 14 weeks tomorrow. It’s official, I’ve definitely hit the Second trimester but I’ll be honest I feel worse now than I did three weeks ago. How is it possible that I wee more now and feel more nauseous. I thought the second trimester was meant to be the better of the three?



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