Pay Day

Well Saturday Grandad phoned up saying he couldn’t take me shopping because he has been throwing up and diarrhoea etc. So I said that is okay and my Mom took me later on instead. My nan phoned us up in the afternoon asking what the non-emergency number was so I told her “111”. She said all my grandad has done all day was sleep which isn’t like him. I told her to explain to them about him only have 1 working kidney, which is a transplanted one. She phoned back saying they had given him an out-of-hours appointment for 5:50pm so my mom ran them to the hospital. They ended up sending him to A&E so they can get him admitted to a ward. His BP was low but his heart rate was high. They were concerned. My nan had been with him and hadn’t eaten dinner, she was starving, so Mom and I ran to their house to grab him some overnight stuff then we got her some dinner and drove to the hospital. He was finally moved from A&E to a ward at midnight and we left soon after.

My aunt come to my Nan’s house on Sunday. On her own, no kids. She wanted to visit her dad so at 4ish we got in the car and drove up the hospital. Me, my nan, my mom and my aunt. He seemed a lot better, much more alert and perky. He was sat in the chair. This time we brought him up some newspapers and his motorbike book. That should keep him entertained till he is released.

I hit 13 weeks yesterday. Finally out of the first trimester. I am glad about that :)

We packed our stuff up, mom and I, for our holiday. In the morning we got up and went to town. I had things I had to post so we had breakfast together first then I did what I needed to do.
We left our house at 11ish and we drove down to Selsey following my mom’s boyfriend. The caravan is huge. I have a twin room to myself so I shoved all my stuff on the other bed as it is going to be unused. We decided to have a fish and chips dinner from the chippy on site. I chose a chicken burger as I don’t like fish. It wasn’t bad. Mom and I decided we would go up the club house the first night but the other 3 didn’t want to go so we went down by ourselves. We didn’t make it to the club, we stopped in the pub for a drink (non-alcoholic for me, obviously) then we came back. I think we are going Crazy Golf tomorrow then swimming. I do like going swimming.


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