Furniture Came

Mom and I decided to watch Magic Mike yesterday as it is no longer showing after today. We are glad we watched it as it was a good film. The baby furniture I ordered from Argos was delivered this morning. At the moment it is blocking our downstairs hallway because it can’t go in the baby’s room until space has been sorted for it. The room needs sorting soon so I can get the wardrobe and chest of drawers up because I want to be able to put baby clothes in there once I have bought them. So far I have only only bought a few vests, baby grows, a hat, scratch mitts and gloves. I intend to buy more bits, now and then, so I can build up a little wardrobe of stuff for the baby. I know people will undoubtedly buy clothes when I have my baby shower but I want to buy my own bits too.

I took the day off work so I could wait for the furniture delivery. I also had dentist tonight. The lady said my gums are red and tender because I am pregnant but not to worry. She says as long as I clean my wisdom teeth properly, to ensure no bacteria gets under my gums, then I should be fine.

We are going on holiday on Monday. Which is also payday so that is great.



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