The 12 week mark

Well on Saturday my brother and his girlfriend had an argument and I got caught in the crossfire because I came downstairs to find out why everyone was shouting. I was furious because he kicked a small coffee table across the room and it hit the dog. I know he didn’t mean to but it still angered me because none of this stuff is her fault!

I stayed at my Nan’s that night. I took the dog with me. I think I just needed the space because the atmosphere in my house at the moment is very tense and toxic. My little jellybean does not need the stress, none of us in the house need it.

On Monday I went for my 12 week scan at the hospital. I expected to be dated as 10 weeks 6 days but I was told jellybean is measuring at 12 weeks 1 day. I was so pleased that I had hit the 12 week mark with no major problems. They did the Down Syndrome check during the scan and all looks good. Jellybean was very active and mom was watching him/her wiggling around in the screen.

IMG_6088My new due date is January 31st, 2016 so I’ve been put forward by 9 days. That is great news as my initial due date from my LMP was January 27th so it’s only 4 days different now.

I have booked a gender scan for August 19th at 3pm. I’ll be 16 weeks 3 days. Hopefully jellybean will cooperate and let us know what sex he/she is. I can’t wait.



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