Weekend is here

Well I went into work on Wednesday. I shouldn’t have gone in but I felt bad because I hadn’t been in the office since LAST Wednesday. I left work at lunch time. I was so exhausted both physically and mentally. Thursday (yesterday) I didn’t go in. I just felt so drained. Friday I went back to work. I had a meeting with my manager. She says I’ve had too many absences because I had a few days off due to my migraines when I first started at the company and then I’ve had 3 sick bugs. Two of which have been since I became pregnant. Which isn’t my fault because being pregnant means I’m more susceptible to germs. Obviously I had 2 days off whilst I was in hospital so they don’t count but the whole thing was high so she had to speak to me. I appreciate it doesn’t look good and it’s not like me to be such an unreliable fucker so I’m embarrassed that it is so high tbh. I didn’t have any plans for the weekend. I had hoped to to see Magic Mike XXL but mom is working or is busy during her day off so I don’t think we’ll watch it this weekend. After work I went to my Nan’s and when she finished work we went up the chippy for our dinner at 7ish. My aunt turned up whilst we was out so we grabbed her some food too. She was picking her car up. She asked if I would have Frank for the night so I said “Yes one night”. I text my mom as she gets funny if I don’t let her know I’m bringing one of the kids back with me. She’s not even home tonight so I don’t know why it should even make a difference to her but anyways she text back that I shouldn’t have him because my brothers girlfriend is “sick”. She’s not sick. She’s in pain. There is a difference. And he doesn’t have to go near her, the house is big enough plus he isn’t the most sociable child so he’s not likely to go and sit with her. So as mom got all ridiculous about the whole thing, we are staying at Nan’s. I got her to run me home go grab some bits as I had no nappies at her etc. We haven’t been back long. I got Frank in the sink for a bath as Nan only has a shower then he was ready for bed. He’s fast asleep and I’m going to follow him as I’m knackered.



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