Hostage released

I was woken up yesterday at 6:15am by a nurse taking my Blood Pressure and Sats. I couldn’t exactly complain because they have to check my Sats but I was so tired as I had only had 2 hours sleep. Breakfast came at 8am. It was cereal, a roll with butter and sausage with beans. I ate the cereal and the roll as I was starving. I mean, pregnant lady with a baby lol
I had a vascular ultrasound on my legs to check for clots. I asked afterwards if it was possible to squeeze me in a baby scan whilst I was here. At first antenatal and gynae were apprehensive because they felt there was no need as I was the sick patient, not the baby and I had no vaginal bleeding or cramps but I was like “please, for peace of mind as I am very overwhelmed this is my first hospital stay EVER”.

11695528_1027583817275046_5144701132899849577_nAt 12:30, just after my lunch, they managed to get me seen at EPU (again) and I had a scan. I was 8 weeks and 6 days as I expected to be and the sonographer allowed me to hear the heartbeat. I started crying and tbh I don’t care nor am I embarrassed. At the end of the day it was a BIG DEAL. It was the first time I had seen the baby properly and hearing the heartbeat was so exciting that I cried because I was just so relieved and happy. The ladies in the scan were so great and said not to worry as all women cry when they have their early scans, and some even cry when they have the 20 week one if they are able to have the gender revealed. After that scan I was wheeled back to the ward and was told they wanted to do a CT because the scan I had on my legs showed no clots in my legs so they wanted to rule out any in my lungs. I was given a second Canula, this one in my left arm and I sat in my hospital bed expecting to have the CT scan in the afternoon and hopefully would be released. As time went by I realised they were not releasing me and would probably do the CT tomorrow instead. Because I hadn’t expected to still be in the hospital by dinner time, I hadn’t been given a menu for the dinner meal and when they brought it over I was given Fish Cakes. Yuck! So I just ate the buttered roll and cheese on crackers that came with the meal. Mom said she was coming up to visit me so I asked her if she would please sneak me in some chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. She arrived with her partner too and I ate my nuggets. They stayed till visiting time was over at 8:30 and I joined in with the Radio Quiz that Radio Frimley do at 8:30. I didn’t win as I didn’t know that many answers lol
At 9:15 a porter finally came over with a wheelchair and told me I was having my CT scan tonight so he wheeled me down. The scan was weird. My aunt had told me that the dye they put through you warms up and makes you feel like you’ve just wet yourself. I thought she was having me on but oh no, as soon as it went in I felt the sensation and I started giggling. It made me laugh and I was still laughing when I came out the scanner. In my defence I was exhausted, having only slept for 2 hours and I was overwhelmed just being admitted to hospital, plus hello PREGGO HORMONES!!
I was wheeled back to my bed. I had made a friend whilst here. A lady in the bed opposite had been chatting to me and whenever she got up to have a wee I checked her gown for her to make sure she was covered. I picked up her slippers for her when she couldn’t reach them. She was using a frame and was a little shaky so she appreciated my help a lot. She was lovely.

I waited for a nurse to stick my Canula back down properly, as the sticky stuff on the one in my right arm has started to unstick. After they did that I got myself as comfy as possible and went to sleep.
Today they woke me up 6:30am to do my BP and Sats. My BP was very low. It was only 105 over 63. It should be at least 115 over 70. Normally mine is 120 over 70. I said to them that tbf I was half asleep and laid on my back so that could be why. They did my BP again a few hours later and it was 115 over 67 so that was a good improvement and they seemed happy with that.
I had breakfast which I had asked for on the menu. It was hash browns and scrambled eggs with cereal and a butter roll. I didn’t eat the scrambled egg as it looked a little runny and the baby made me screw my nose up at it in disgust lol I ate the hash browns and the cereal. I saved the roll for later as all I seemed to do in there is eat, pee and drink water. When I had eaten the roll a doctor came and told me my CT scan was clear so they’re happy to discharge me. She said they were just waiting for OB GYN to get in touch to see if they wanted to see me before I went but if they didn’t then they’d let me go. At qaurter to 12, just before lunch, she came back with my discharge form and said once my Canula’s were removed I was free to go but only if I had a ride home. I text my mom’s boyfriend but he was busy and my mom was working, my grandad was fishing and I was stumped at who to ask. In the end I got my Nan to pick me up. She hates driving out of Farnborough and she hates it when she has to drive somewhere new but my brother and his girlfriend came with her. She did alright and I don’t think it traumatised her as much as I would have thought. We’ve just had lunch at hers and it was much needed for me because baby was hungry and I had missed lunch at the hospital so I was starving. I can’t wait to get home, have a lovely bath and get in my own bed.


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