Taken Hostage

My brother’s girlfriend was released from hospital at about 2am this morning. I found out when I got up as I was asleep when they got back. She apparently has an ovarian cyst on her right ovary which is bleeding. They reckon because it is too small they can’t do anything unless it grows in size. She is bleeding though and clearly in agony so I don’t get why they won’t do anything.

11694876_1026227447410683_8871306626139075970_nWe had Sunday lunch at Nan’s like usual. I came home and had a shower then got into bed. I was looking online at baby stuff and chatting to a friend on whatsapp. I had had a bad headache coming on all day and it got to about 9ish and I decided to take some paracetamol so I could get some sleep. At 10 I turned my phone off and laid down for bed. Not long after I felt my chest tighten like when my allergy to cats plays up bad and I started coughing. I could taste metal so I immediately spat, whatever it was, onto my hand and turned the light on. BLOOD. I was like WTF? I cough some more and more came up so I used a tissue. I ran downstairs and said to the others (not mom as she was at work for the night). They told me to ring 111. 111 advised me to go up to A&E within’ the hour so I got my Grandad to drop me up the hospital. My brother’s friend came with me as no one else offered to go, not that I needed them to because I wasn’t overly worried. I figured it would just be something like I had damaged my throat being sick the other day. I wasn’t in the ED long before they took me into Majors to take bloods and urine. They set me up with a Canula in my right arm and I had a bed in a room away from anyone else. They came in and did an ECG (I think) and I still have the sticky pads all over me. I had a chest X-Ray because they said that pregnant women are more prone to clots and one of the bloods came back slightly positive which indicated there may be a clot or something. The X-ray was clear so an hour ago (almost 3am) they told me they was admitting me to a ward and were just sorting the paperwork and a bed before moving me. Eventually, just a moment ago, a porter came and wheeled me through the hospital in the bed I was on and into AMU (Acute Medical Unit) ward on G4. I hopped off and got into the bed that was made for me. I am going to try and get some kip as it is 4am.


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