A bloody bug again

Wednesday I forgot to say that I left work at 3 because I had diarrhoea. When I got home I felt so rubbish so I decided there and then I wouldn’t be going to work the next day. I had a feeling it would get worse. It did. I ended up throwing up as well, not much, the diarrhoea was worse but I definitely felt drained and exhausted.

Friday morning I felt a lot better as I had taken Imodium Thursday afternoon but I stayed off work Friday to recover and get my eating habits back to normal again. I had to go shopping so I popped to Matalan with mom. I bought some new brown wedges, a few tops and water bottle.

Saturday I needed to go shopping for work stuff so we went to Asda and I bought myself some pants as well and a swimsuit for our holiday. I tried it on at home but it is a bit tight so I need to take it back. We had Gemma’s Hen Do tonight so my mom, my brother’s girlfriend and myself got sorted and along with my Nan we were dropped at the pub by my Grandad. As I am pregnant I wasn’t drinking, I was sticking strictly to juice and the occasional fizzy. We had only had 2 rounds of drinks and then suddenly my brother’s girlfriend passed out whilst walking towards the beer garden. It wasn’t alcohol related or her falling over in her heels so we were very concerned. An ambulance was called and they whisked her up the hospital. They suspected at first it could be an eptopic pregnancy as she herself has said she hasn’t had a period in a while and she said the pain was her “lady parts” as opposed to her stomach. They are up the hospital still. My mom went in the ambulance with her and my Grandad dropped my brother up the hospital to meet them. My Nan and I stayed at the Hen Do and it was good fun. We got picked up not that long ago. The others are still up the hospital. I hope she is alright because it doesn’t sound good having to get an ambulance to the hospital.


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