July is here

I had my first midwife’s appointment on Monday. My Mom picked me up from work at about half 12 as my appointment was 1pm. When we got to my doctor’s surgery it was closed for lunch. I was like WTF? So I knocked on the back window to the reception and asked a lady. She told me my appointment was half 1 not 1. Well thanks, the midwife definitely said 1pm when I spoke to her 3 weeks ago.

At half 1 the doors to the surgery were opened so we checked in and sat in the waiting room. My Mom decided she wanted to come in with me for the appointment so when they called me we both went in. They asked me lots of questions about myself, my family’s health history and various things. They checked my BP and did some bloods. They did my height and weight for my BMI. Because I am overweight they will make me do the glucose test later on. They gave me my maternity folder and notes. The appointment was quite long so I didn’t go back to work in the end. We stopped at my Nan’s for some food and a cup of tea as she lives near the doctors. I had chinese for dinner then watched TV. I was so tired but I didn’t want to go to bed too early incase I then woke up at 4am ready for the day lol so I caught up with a show we have been recording then I got into bed.

Yesterday work was long and the weather is so damn hot it made me very sleepy all day. I got sunburnt on my arm from standing at a uncovered bus stop for over 20 minutes waiting for the bus after work! I got home and I was hungry but I couldn’t figure out what I fancied so I settled for a chicken sandwich. I was so tired. I ended up watching Emmerdale at 7 then soon after I went up and got into bed. I played sims and flicked through Facebook but by 9 I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I laid down and I must’ve drifted off. I woke up for the first time ever to pee. Normally I just wake up at my alarm at 6:30 and then run to the loo for a wee but last night I woke up at 3am desperate to pee. I really am pregnant aren’t I?

Today is the 1st of July. I can’t believe how quick this year has sped past. My birthday is exactly 7 weeks away (well yesterday it was 7 weeks). Mom and I are having an evening spa date as I have booked the day off. I have my 12 weeks scan in 2 weeks. I am just waiting for the hospital letter. It should date my pregnancy with the same date as the early scan I had, give or take a few days on the EDD. I am so excited, I really can’t wait. I want to buy stuff but I don’t want to do it too early. Plus I am saving. I have set up a saving goal on one of my saving accounts. I’ve set the goal to February 2016, to have saved at least a grand. So far I have saved £100 so I am 12% on target. As long as I put in £150 each month between now and February I will be fine. At least I don’t have to worry about buying the pram/stroller as my aunt is buying that. So my money will be on things like a Breast Pump, the Cot, some clothes, any bathing stuff, maternity things etc.



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