We saw Penguins

Well I didn’t have Frank, I had Fred. Frank wasn’t well so he stayed home. He wasn’t happy about it and he isn’t talking to me now lol When their mom left to go home Fred wanted to go with her and Frank wanted to stay with me lol Bless him.

Friday he was dropped off at 6ish. Mom and I had eaten and so had he so I got him bathed and ready for bed then we went to Nan’s for a few hours. I didn’t realise his mom had stopped there on her way home. It was at Nan’s when Frank decided he wanted to come with me but he couldn’t so he wasn’t very happy.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast then I got Fred bathed and ready to go. We got a bus into town and I had to pop to Sainsburys for some wipes and juice as we had no wipes and we needed drinks so we didn’t have to buy any when out. We got a bus to the train station and when we boarded the train we managed to get a seat in the disabled (so therefore it was wider) part of the train and Fred was able to sit comfortably next to me in the stroller. We got to London and I tried to find the buggy park as advertised on the Sea Life website but turns out I read it wrong. It was just referring to the Luggage Park which doesn’t allow buggy’s to be left so we had to take it with us. We reached Sea Life at 12:30. We saw all sorts of fish, mammals and crustaceans. There was a huge shark tank that you walked over as well as walked under. We saw penguins and one kept swimming up to the window to show off.

We left the Aquarium at about half 2. I had thought about having lunch at the McDonald’s next door but it was jammed packed so we walked back to the train station and had Burgerking there instead. We only had a little something. Fred had some nuggets and I had a chicken royale. No meal as we already had a drink. He fell asleep on the train home. We got off the train and Mom picked us up. We went home and chilled out after a long hot humid day. Fred was still asleep when we got home. We decided we’d have dinner when he woke up. So we grabbed some food then he had a bath and we chilled on the sofa watching a film that was on TV. He fell asleep on my lap so Mom carried him up to bed for me as he is far too heavy for me to carry in my condition lol I soon joined him in bed as I was shattered.

Today we got up and had breakfast. We watched Rise of the Guardians. Afterwards I got Fred bathed then I had shower whilst Mom watched him then we went to Nan’s as we were having Sunday dinner there. My Grandad ran me up Morrison’s so I could get some food for work lunches. We had dinner then went up the old folks place to visit my Gran. She is so funny and she loved having Fred there.

We had supper as we didn’t get back to my Nan’s house till about 5:30pm. Fred was picked up a little while later and I went home to relax. My Grandad taugh Fred to say “you dirty rat” so they’ll have a surprise at Nursery tomorrow when he starts saying that!

I am 8 weeks on Tuesday. I have my first midwife’s appointment tomorrow at 1pm. I am really excited because it is making it seem so much more real. I can’t wait to have my first scan and actually see my little bubba properly. The emergency scan I had at 5 weeks was rubbish as you couldn’t really see much but this time I will be 10 weeks so it’ll be much more clearer, I hope.



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